About Me


I was never a sporty child. Ironic really that I ended up finding my passion in a fitness coaching role. But I am & have always been very driven & self competitive. A need to always try to better myself, in all areas of life I think is what drove me toward helping others achieve the same thing.

My journey started with studying a Diploma in Sport Coaching which then lead on to pursuing & qualifying as a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach. I have been working within the fitness industry since 2012 & in that time I have worked directly with a wide range of people & accrued several thousand hours of coaching time.

If an enthusiastic & dedicated coach in a non judgemental & supportive environment is what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat.  


My Approach


My approach to Personal Training is a holistic one that focuses on improving your exercise, eating habits, stress, recovery & your general outlook when it comes to health & fitness. This process involves identifying where you currently are & developing a comprehensive plan to get you to where you want to be. All while educating you around the decisions we make & why we make them.

I read a great quote a while ago that said

“the best coaches are those that make themselves redundant”

Ultimately every person I work with, I want to empower to have the knowledge & confidence to take control of & manage their own exercise and eating habits.


Personal Training is an investment & its my goal to provide a return on your investment that lasts you a lifetime


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