Are you experiencing a ‘Lockdown Low’?

With the country plunged into yet another lockdown & with no real certainty of when it will end, it’s completely natural to have experienced a real drop in motivation. 

I certainly have felt this & I’d be very surprised if at some point you haven’t! 

-Unless your name is Tony Robbins that is… I swear a comet could hit the earth & wipe out every living thing other than him & he would still be putting out Youtube videos entitled “Fear is just a state of mind” –

If before the lockdown, your main reason to exercise & eat well was to improve your body image & self confidence, the fact you can’t go out, socialise or potentially even go to work might have, in your head, made that goal a little less important right now. 

“Why bother exercising & eating sensibly, when I could just wear something baggy on Zoom meetings?”


If you were exercising regularly in preparation for some sort of cycling or running event this year, has its cancellation, totally zapped the sense of urgency & priority to train that you originally felt? 


“What’s the point in getting out on my bike 3 times this week, when there’s no longer a race to train for!” 


If the reason you try to eat well & stay active is to combat or manage a health condition, with all that’s going on in the world right now, does the magnitude of people dying & the health service being overwhelmed, seem to dwarf your high blood pressure & make it seem rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things? 

“There’s far worse things happening in the world right now, than my slightly high BP” 

The important thing to realise here is that 



They haven’t magically disappeared forever

They may seem smaller, less important, even irrelevant right now, but when things return to something closer to normality (whenever this is), they will return like that! 

(… imagine me clicking my fingers right now)

& when they do suddenly return

when your friends start inviting you out for meals

when you finally book a holiday 

when that 10km run gets reorganised 

or when your GP calls to schedule your blood pressure check 

they’re all of a sudden going to shoot up your list of priorities! & you will look back on this period of time spent neglecting your health & fitness as a BIG MISTAKE. 

Throughout this lockdown, every day of unhealthy eating, every home workout you skip & every good nights sleep you sacrifice, is putting you in a worse position to achieve your goal. 

& as hard as it is to see the importance of the day to day decisions you choose to make right now, remember that you will soon look back & realise just how important they were. 

Don’t look back on this period of your life & regret the things you didn’t do. 

Keep reminding yourself of the big picture & the importance of your long term health & fitness goals. 

They might not appear so now, but soon they will be top of your to do list. 

January 21, 2021

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