Becoming a Mum & Transforming my Fitness- Carolines journey

Article written by Caroline T. 



How it started

“I always thought people who had a personal trainer must love to exercise. This however wasn’t what brought me to be introduced to Joe. It was more my love of baking that highlighted my need for some extra support!

I had been attending boxercise classes 4x a week for about 6 months. To begin with I did see some changes to my weight but this soon plateaued & I found however hard I worked in classes my weight & shape didn’t seem to change.

After talking with a friend, she explained that she had experienced the exact same thing. Months of hard work in group fitness classes but she got to a sticking point & didn’t seem to be able to progress.

It was only when she sought help from a personal trainer that she began seeing the results she wanted. She looked amazing & because I wanted that too, I took her advice & got in touch with Joe.

Getting going

She was right. Joe was approachable, supportive & most importantly, he helped me be more realistic about how fast I was able to achieve my goal. I would come to realise that managing my expectations & not putting too much pressure on myself was absolutely key in keeping me on track.


If I’m perfectly honest, I didn’t love my first few sessions. The gym was a complete change in environment for me & we worked harder than I think I had ever before. But with Joe’s support & a clear goal in my mind, I stuck with it & very soon my confidence increased & I began seeing the reward for the efforts I was putting in.

When you’re seeing results, staying motivated is much, much easier!

I’ve even been known to occasionally pop into the gym on my own- something I never thought I would have the confidence to do.

With a proper plan for both my eating & exercise, I soon achieved what I had set out to. Then I took it upon myself to maintain my weight with my new-found knowledge & confidence I had got from working with Joe.

But that wasn’t quite the end of my journey.

Baby no.1


In June 2018 I had my first child (Pepper) & I took a break from any formal training.

I really indulged being pregnant, overeating for the full 9 months & because the gym I was attending at that point advised against any of my usual exercise, I didn’t do anything active for a large part of my pregnancy.

I took this advice as my excuse to ‘check out’ of training altogether & quite literally binned my trainers. Yes, I actually put them in the bin!

5 months after Pepper had been born, I decided enough was enough & I needed to invest in myself once more & get back to the gym with Joe (Nov 2018 pic).


I really did feel like I was starting from scratch, but over the next 14 months we focused on my diet & exercise & I got back to a place with my fitness I was really happy with (Feb 2020 pic)

…just in time for having my second child!

Baby no.2

This time I chose to train (very sensibly of course!) throughout my pregnancy as I felt I didn’t want to lose all of my progress again.

Baby Rolo was born in September 2020 (Sep 2020 pic).

After giving birth I felt like I had been hit by a bus so I did take a long break from any exercise & focused on rest & letting my body recover.

On Tuesdays & Thursdays I did think of my new pals on our Zoom classes & I missed them. I missed being able to train with them all, but I knew how important it was to listen to my body & give it the time it needed.

My experience getting back in shape post pregnancy between my first & second child couldn’t have been more different.

Because I continued with training & was more conscious of my eating throughout my second pregnancy, I’ve been able get back to my ‘fighting weight’ & a body shape I’m happy with in very little time. 5 months post pregnancy & I’m 2 stone lighter than the same point in time after my first pregnancy! (Feb 2021 pic)

Looking ahead

My journey has been one of repeated bouts of getting in shape


(& don’t get me wrong, sometimes you just don’t feel like it, but you do it anyway!)


But with each one, my confidence has improved & it’s taken me less time to get there. Having a clear goal & the knowledge that I will reach it, has meant the whole process is one I’ve learned to love.

I honestly do not see a point when I would not work with Joe. The accountability, the workouts & the overall support package you get makes it a no brainer not to stick around. I recommend him to everyone & now a whole gang of my friends are training with him too, as they have seen how he has helped me over the years.”




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February 19, 2021

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