Do you take better care of your car, than your body?

I watched a video recently, that featured a clip of the investor Warren Buffett. 


And one of the things he said that really resonated with me went something like this:


If I gave you a car & told you that’s the only car you’re ever going to own, for the rest of your life. You would take extremely good care of it right? 


You’d have it serviced regularly, replace or repair anything damaged straight away. 


Probably be a little bit more selective over the quality of fuel you put in it & you would be more cautious about how & where you choose to drive it. 


Ultimately, keeping that car running in as good a condition as possible would be a real priority for you. 


And you would be ready & willing to invest time, money & energy into doing that. 


Mr Buffett’s point is, that’s precisely the situation we’re all in, but with our bodies. 


We only have 1 body. That’s it. 


We can’t upgrade every 3 years for a newer model. 


Yet, taking care of & investing in our physical health, is something that very few people actually do. 


It’s incredible to think that a lot of people take better care of their car, than their own health & wellbeing. 


Eating good quality food, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly & taking any necessary supplements or medications are all things that will improve the health of our bodies & therefore keep us running optimally. 


But they’re also the things that are first to be neglected when life gets in the way. 


They are things that, at the time, it’s easy to think aren’t really essential. 


You can survive on 5 hours sleep a night. 


You can survive living on toast & endless cups of coffee (for a while at least!) 


But doing the bare minimum, just to get by, will mean you are never functioning at your best. 


And this will impact on the things you do. 


Your work. Your home life. Your relationships. 


You’re kidding yourself, if you think it won’t. 


And eventually those years & years of poor quality food & lack of exercise will takes its toll. 


It could be developing a health condition, not being able to do the job you once did or struggling with the daily responsibilities you have.


Years of treating your body like the old banger, you’ll just replace when it gives up, will suddenly catch up with you. 


And there won’t be the easy fix of simply popping into the garage for a replacement part.


So whether its dedicating more time to cooking or heading to bed earlier,


more energy to exercising regularly


or spending more money on healthier foods.


Keeping your body running in as good a condition as possible, for as long as possible, is always one of the best investments you can make. 


Really it should be your number 1 investment. 


So ask yourself, if I told you today, the car you’re currently driving is the only one you’re ever going to get


How would your attitude toward it change? 


& crucially, how would your behaviour change? 


July 20, 2021

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