Scared by the thought of joining a gym?


Looking round a busy gym can feel intimidating.


Judgemental. As if you’re the odd one out. The minority.


Almost as if everyone else in there knows a secret that you don’t.


They look better than you. They look fitter than you. They know what they’re doing.


You look at your reflection in the mirror- you’ll never get to where they are. You’ll never be as in shape or as fit as them.


This is the thought process of almost everyone when they first enter a gym environment.


Unsurprising really that there is such a high drop off rate of new members to gym facilities.


It’s not because they’re uncommitted, not serious or lazy.


It’s because of the environment they feel they are in.


The interesting thing I’ve found after years or talking to people that use gyms, from completely new members on their first day to experienced gym goers of 50 years plus, is 99% of everyone you see in the gym feels exactly the same as you do.


The same uncertainty that what they’re doing is entirely right. The same anxiety that the person that just glanced at them is judging how they look, how much weight they’re lifting or what they’re wearing.


Not a week goes by that I don’t at some point get these type of feelings.


And I work in a gym!


The thing you have to realise (& this is important if you plan on sticking around in your gym for more than a few days) is everyone is there for the same reason.


To BETTER THEMSELVES both physically & mentally. NOT to BETTER YOU.


The super fit, super muscular person that you look to as the absolute epitome of health & self confidence probably suffers the EXACT SAME insecurities as you.


Being comfortable in these environments DOES NOT come down to you physique.


You’re not suddenly going to go from the least to most confident person in the room by first losing a stone before joining. You’ll probably feel exactly the same.


Its your thought process you need to change.


Imagine for a second that you were taking on a new project (whatever that may be). Something that required regular hard work and a commitment of your time. Imagine then that you discovered there was a place locally to you where a whole load of people also working on the same type of project went. To share ideas, motivate & inspire each other & create a hard working energetic environment to feed off. That could really help you progress your project.


You’d probably want to go right?


Thats exactly what a gym is & should be.


Not a scary, intimidating, judgmental building. But a diverse community of people gathering together with a shared goal to improve the quality of their lives.


We’re all on the same team & I really hope you can join us.


& if you need a little help taking that first step, make sure to GET IN TOUCH

October 2, 2018

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