8 Week Home Workout

What's Included?


The 8-Week Home Workout Plan has been designed to suit people who are completely new to exercise & also those who have already been training for some time. 

The plan comes as a downloadable PDF document that can be printed or accessed on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer & so you’re confident with your technique, included as part of the package is a full video series where I explain each of the workouts & demonstrate every warm up, workout & stretch you will be doing. 

The plan is based on 3 full body workouts per week making it a perfect routine to follow on its own or a great add on if you’re perhaps training a few times a week already. 

All of the main workouts can be performed from home with no fitness equipment needed & guidance is provided for optional outdoor cardio.

Once purchased, the plan is yours to keep. You can start when you like, finish when you like & as long as you’re still enjoying them & finding them challenging, theres absolutely nothing stopping you following the workouts beyond the initial 8-weeks. 

Whether your goal is to get healthier, fitter, stronger or to lose weight, the 8-Week Home Workout Plan is a great way to get in shape while you’re stuck at home!

Joe Langley
Personal Trainer

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